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      Fortnite is being ripped apart by earthquakes

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    • renegade
    • 3gRrQHzTgxtN9ymUPwWTvf-650-80.jpg

      Earthquakes are creating huge cracks across Fortnite, heralding yet another disaster. I just don't think I'd keep visiting an island if it was constantly being assaulted by extra-dimensional invaders, magical monarchs and natural disasters. It's worse than Sunnydale. 

      Aerial screenshots show how just how large they are, but their source has yet to be revealed. Dragons? Volcanoes? Moleman? The datamine did not uncover what this is all leading up to, so we'll have to keep guessing until the last earthquake, not surprisingly taking place on the final day of Season 7. 

      I haven't played in a while and it's amazing how quickly this game that's really just 100 people trying to kill each other dramatically transforms. Not just physically, with the map changing, but in terms of lore, too. There's a whole mythology being created and I increasingly find myself utterly lost. 

      Expect lots more cracks to appear over the next couple of weeks. Fortnite Season 8 will kick off on February 28 and will presumably provide some answers. 

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