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      General rules

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    • renegade
    • This regulation is applied to all members registered on the DarkVibe community. Once you register, you agree to all the rules specified in this topic.

      1. Profile

      The username should not contain vulgar or racist words and should be different from the community administration.

      The avatar & signature must not contain pornographic images, racist tones, or referring to acts of cruelty to humans or animals.

      The signature can contain only one photo. If you want to use more, place them in a spoiler.

      2. Posting

      When opening a new topic, make sure there are no other posts with the same subject line.

      Do not post pornographic or racist content.

      It is not allowed to open or support posts that are meant to store irrelevant information as a result of violation of the off-topic or post-hunt regulations!

      About Off-Topic, Post-Hunt, Spam, Double Post:

      Off-Topic is a post that is unrelated to the subject topic.

      Post-Hunt refers to posts based on their quantity, not the meaning.

      Double Post is the consecutive posting of two jobs in less than 24 hours. It is not considered a double posting if the interval is one of several seconds because a connection conflict can occur which results in a fast double posting.

      Spam defines excessive posting in a certain category with unnecessary topics or posts with the same subject or response

      Excessive use of colors, emoji, font-size is forbidden.

      3. Language

      Use proper language in general.

      Insulting registered members on the community, regardless of spoken language, skin color, religion or sexual orientation, is not tolerated!

      You can also be penalized for private forum messages.

      Inappropriate language is also the partial censorship of vulgar words.

      4. Advertising

      The ad refers to the presentation of a site in order to attract as many visitors as possible.

      Any post, signature, avatar or private message of this kind will be sanctioned with permanent suspension of the account It is not considered advertising the disclosure of information pages.

      5. Rules of a section

      Some sections of the forum are governed separately by a local regulation.

      We recommend carefully reading the rules!

      Ignoring the rules is not a plausible excuse.

      In any other situation unforeseen by the rules, community leadership has the final say. The regulation may undergo changes over time, we recommend rereading it!

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