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  1. PRO He is active Have enough hours BUT you have to read rules and write FAQ.... Read rules carefully and then edit your topic
  2. Nick : ayman Ip : 2*3.23*.8*.*2 Perioada : Permanent Motiv : Aimbot Data si ora : 04.02.2019 14:49:00 Dovezi ( Demo - SS ) : https://imgur.com/a/JqSscRh
  3. Contra you have only 88 minutes played
  4. CONTRA Andrie said come after one week not 30 mins
  5. PRO but you haven't read rules yet becuase you didn't write faq in there
  6. addon: Zombie Mod CSO Description: CSO+VIP Version: 2018 Link download: https://mega.nz/#!uZoUwIYL!ggP2jETA0...byaY33fls0IPvk
  7. addon: Furien Mod Description: Credite+Arme CSO+Shop Version: 2018 Link download:http://www.girlshare.ro/34755074.2
  8. *Tipul [avatar(forum sau steam)/semnătură/banner/etc]: Avatar Text principal: Knight *Text secundar [ darkz / darkz.ro, etc ]: www.darkz.ro Dimensiuni: 150x300 *Stock/Render[obligatoriu]: Alte precizări: --
  9. I am Back Too :)

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