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Public servers


  1. Forum & server management ( 3 posts)

    Here you can find all the information necessary to affiliate or open a server in our community.

    1. DNS Request
    1. Forum management
    1. Admin offers
  2. Counter-Strike ( 777 posts)

    In this category are the Official Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers of the DarkVibe Romania community running at a quality of 150-1000 sys_ticrate. They benefit from certain community benefits (DNS, categories, promotion, etc.).


    1. Remake » GO
    1. Clasic » STAR
  3. MINECRAFT ( 9 posts)

    Best sellers servers Minecraft from 2016 until now. Servers in this category receive gratuities community (DNS, Categories, Promotion etc.). They are also considered community official servers DARKVIBE Romania.

    1. bungeecord » Play
    1. bukkit » MC
  4. San-Andreas Multiplayer ( 92 posts)

    In this category are the official San Andreas Multiplayer servers of the Darkz Romania community.


    1. RolePlay » RP

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