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Tehnologia este ansamblul metodelor, proceselor, operațiilor făcute sau aplicate asupra materiilor prime, materialelor și datelor pentru realizarea unui anumit produs industrial sau comercial.


  1. Hardware ( 175 posts)

    Hardware is the physical part of an information system consisting of a set of electrical, electronic and mechanical components that together can receive, process, store, and store information under various forms of electrical, acoustic or optical signals.

    1. News
    1. Reviews
  2. Software ( 31 posts)

    Software is a computer program system including their application procedures, a system provided with that computer, or subsequently created by the user, or purchased commercially ready.

    1. News
    1. Reviews
  3. Miscellaneous ( 18 posts)

    Various technology news that do not fall under the hardware or software category.

  4. Tutorials ( 44 posts)

    If you want to post / find a tutorial from a specific domain related to data and information, then this is the right category.

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